New Port Richey Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

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New Port Richey Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

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This New Port Richey home got a CKB remodel! A new kitchen, new flooring throughout, updated master bathroom and laundry area.

The original plan had a closed off kitchen just by the front entrance. There was a very small pass-through window to access the dining/living room. We removed all those walls to create an open concept lifestyle, which flowed from the entrance into the kitchen and into the living areas.

Now the space is more functional and enjoyable because of this newly remodeled Open Concept Kitchen. Losing walls doesn’t mean losing cabinets or counterspace in today’s modern kitchen designs. In fact, additional counter space was added by putting in an expansive island outfitted with a beautiful granite countertop and blink pendant lights.

Laminate flooring throughout the house brought the remodel together. The Master Bath sported a new vanity and beautiful glass by-pass shower door. Another great job by Choice Kitchen and Bath – isn’t time you gave us a call about your remodel! Contact us HERE today!

New Port Richey Home Remodel

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