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Top Bathroom Trends That Stick

We’ve been looking back at the Top Trends that our customers picked last year for their kitchen and bathroom remodels. It’s important to identify Top Bathroom Trends That Stick. Trends that stick around add lots of value to your home, and that is a big part of what remodeling all about. But Top Trends that fade quickly is a different story – they will date a house and pull value down, even after all that remodel money is spent.

When our customer loves a new trend, we look at the ‘stickability’ forecast. If it looks like a trend that might fade, we advise them to use it minimally to keep their risk low. If the house seems dated when they are ready to sell, then they should be able to replace those trends easily enough. These are the kind of details that rank us among the Best Contractors in Tampa.

As we have looked back, one trend that did NOT stick last year was the furniture style vanities in bathrooms. Most customers elected for built-in cabinets using shaker style cabinetry, like the picture below. This was a surprise. However the cost of the built-ins are substantially less and are equally as nice. However, we anticipate that furniture style vanities will continue to a Top Bathroom Trend for years to come and won’t date your home.


Today we will look at the final Top Bathroom Trends That Stuck in 2018 using our customers as a guide.


Although Top Bathroom Trends That Stick would pick the ceiling mounted rain shower head, most of our customers picked a rain shower head that is anchored from the wall, coupled with a hand held spray. The hand held spray is especially popular for pet lovers. It makes bathing those fur babies so much easier.

TIP 1 – How To Choose The Right Shower Head For You

You have to do a little research. You just can’t get around it. Start HERE. This is a good article on The

Spruce to help guide you.

If you are interested in a ceiling mounted rain shower head, consider the height of your shower. The tallest person using the shower should clear at least one foot. Raising the height of the shower is an option, but it will come with all the additional costs and time. However, having a shower that is roomy and tall adds to the serene experience.



Height is also a factor to be considered when placing the wall mounted rain shower head as well. Will it hang from a 90 degree arm or a straight arm? That affects the angle and the height requirements. These are the type of things a good Contractor will discuss with their customer before starting the project, like we do.

Another important but not obvious feature is the size of ceiling mounted rain shower heads. They are bigger than standard wall mounted heads, meaning they will spray into areas the other shower heads don’t reach. Make sure you have the room or it’s contained well not to leave an annoying mess.




Other Top Bathroom Trends That Stick include white or wood stained cabinets, granite countertops, pendant lights coupled with recessed lighting and porcelain tile planks that look like wood.

We hope you have enjoyed looking back with us.

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