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Top Bathroom Trends used in Tampa

They say hindsight is 20/20! We like to look back at the great remodel jobs we did in 2018. It’s always interesting to see how the choices our customers made stacks up to the Top Bathroom Trends. It isn’t always feasible or practical to use all the top trends. In this issue we will look at what Choice Kitchen and Bath Customers picked and why, and what trends made the cut. We’ll also give you some highlights and tips. Read on and enjoy!


We all read articles to understand what the top trends are. But what we read about and what customers pick as their priorities is interesting. Do they match up? Let’s see!


Almost every customer elected to remove the tubs from their master bathrooms and convert it into a spacious stand alone shower. Can you blame them? It’s hot among the Top Bathroom Trends. In fact, most inquiries we received in 2018 included this specific request – a tub conversion to shower. It makes the bathroom more functional while appealing to the need to relax or rejuvenate. As long as there is a tub somewhere in the house, not only will it NOT take away from the resale value, but it can ADD to the resale value.

Top Bathroom remodel

The tub to shower conversion in a small space in a Tampa bathroom typically starts at $7K. That’s the cost to put in a stand alone shower as a conversion. After all it’s not a simple fix-up, but a complex remodel that requires a lot of expertise plumbing. It’s also easy to customize a project like this. A seat can be built-in to fit the space just right. Shower inserts can also be built-in and customized for feature and utilization. We like to help our customers pull their design together so they end up with their dream bathroom. These are things that Best Contractors in Tampa should do, like us.


Frankly this is a ‘doozer’. There are so many choices out there it is overwhelming for most people. Because of this, we go to the tile store with every one of our customers. We think it’s important to take the time. Together we work through texture, size, design and cost. We have found this one service to make all the difference for our Tampa customers.

But if you don’t have someone to help you, here are some tips you can use. DON’T walk through every aisle in the tile store. Being overwhelmed won’t accomplish anything. First identify colors that make you smile and style design that makes you sing. Look online, look in magazines, look at first class hotels.

You will know when you see it. And when you do, then pay attention to the tile. How many different tiles are used in color, in size? Are there any special features on the floor or in the shower that stand out to you? Once you have narrowed it down, THEN visit the tile store and look within your preferences. Most tile stores have design assistance worthwhile checking out as well. Using these tips can help you achieve your goal of having a bathroom that says: Top Bathroom Trends.


Interestingly enough, our customers did a turn-about in 2018. Most of them did not opt for the furniture-style bathroom vanity, a hot trend in 2017. There was a definite return to built-in cabinets. The white shaker style cabinet continues to be the strong Top Bathroom Trends we noticed. When you see the finished product, you get it. Pictures don’t do the shaker style cabinet justice. Their design is one of simplicity and beauty. And they are easy to keep clean.


Try installing a narrow wood shelf above the faucets, but below the mirror and spanning the length of the wall. It makes for a great wood feature while useful for keeping the most used toiletries at hand. Another way to utilize more space is to create shelving above the mirrors, a space often overlooked. Yet it can be a great way to give the items not used that often a proper home.Best Tampa Contractors

Several of our customers opted for a bathroom pantry on the countertop between double sinks. It makes the space tidy while allowing for lots of space to store all the stuff we like to keep on hand.

That wraps up this segment of Top Bathroom Trends that our Tampa customers used in 2018. Stay tuned for a final segment with more tips you won’t want to miss.

Isn’t it about time you had a Top Bathroom Trends remodel?

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