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Top Kitchen Trends in Tampa

It’s been interesting looking back at all the trends that our customers chose for 2018. Last time we shared 2 Top Kitchen Trends that made the list for our Tampa customers. But wait, there’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that!) Read on as we share more of the popular trends our customers picked and why that made their remodels so great! And of course, we will share more highlights and tips you won’t want to miss – Choice Kitchen and Bath.


We all read articles to understand what the top trends are. But what we read about and what customers pick as their priorities is interesting. Do they match up? Let’s see!


Lighting played a huge role in every remodel we did. Every customer wanted layers of lighting. Most popular were numerous canned lights in the ceiling, along with pendant lights over the kitchen island. Customers particularly enjoyed showcasing their style through the pendant lights. They are eye-candy!

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We really enjoyed working with the ‘smart lights’ which allowed for a range of colors to set the mood at will. The only drawback: lots of control options to learn! Maybe that’s not a drawback to you. They are a lot of fun. These are the things that the Best Contractors in Tampa make sure to talk to their customers about, like us at Choice Kitchen and Bath.

Having a variety of light options in the kitchen means you are in control of setting the stage. Bright lights for cooking, pendant lights for spot lighting or dimmed lights for softer ambiance or feature lighting.


TIP 1 – How Should you Pick Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island?

Picking pendant lights can be confusing. How long, how large, what design, what color – and the list goes on. If you decide you want to look at every possible option out there, you will most likely add to your confusion.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, here is a general rule of thumb: “A general rule: The larger the area you want to light, the bigger the pendant light should be. A small pendant light is effective over a sink or desk area. Cluster small pendants or choose a pendant with three or more lights over a dining room table or kitchen island.”

To pick the right pendant light, pick the style of kitchen you want first. Start by looking at pictures of finished kitchens that make you sing. Look at the entire kitchen first. Does it appeal to you? Could you see yourself enjoying that kitchen each day? When you say yes, THEN look at the pendant lights. You might be surprised.



Aren’t you glad you’re living in the age where we have so many great flooring options! A lot of our customers have us put in new flooring for them. The tile wood look-alike is all the rave. Porcelain wood-like tile planks 12×24 were the most popular. Second in line were vinyl flooring options.

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Both types of flooring are very durable. So how do you know which one to go for? That’s the kind of thing we like to help our customers decide, and that is why we rank among the best Contractor in Tampa.

TIP 2 – How do I choose between tile that looks like wood or vinyl floors?

There are several things to consider to make the best choice. Budget is one factor. Tile is cheaper than the vinyl flooring. Electing for tile is a good way to keep the costs down. With so many great options, you won’t have to compromise on choice or quality.

Another factor is use. Do you like to walk barefoot at home? Does the tile bother your feet? Do you have little ones who tend to fall and stumble? Will you be putting down rugs? Are you remodeling to sell or for yourself?

Check out FLOOR CRITICS for a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each flooring type. They compare durability, pet use, water resistance, cleaning, maintenance and more

Vinyl Plank vs Wood Look Tile Flooring


A final factor to consider would be the other floors in your home. If you are planning on redoing all the flooring in the main areas, then you are not limited in choice. But if you are only doing some of the  floors, pick the floor that will go best with what you already have in your home.


That wraps up the final segment of the Top Kitchen Trends our customers used in their 2018 Kitchen remodel. On the next article we will share our 2018 Top Bathroom Remodels.

A picture is a thousand words and when you see our work, it’s not hard to realize that we love what we do – another reason why we rank among the Best Contractor in Tampa.

Isn’t it about time you had your Top Kitchen Remodel story? Give us a call today or contact us HERE to schedule your free in-home consultation.



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