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Top Tampa Kitchen Remodels

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Now that we have wrapped up another great year of residential remodeling in Tampa, we wanted to share some of our highlights and tips with you. In this article, we will look at the Top Tampa Kitchen Remodels we did last year and what made them so great.


Unquestionably white kitchens remained the top contender. Last year all but one customer elected for the classic white kitchen. Color was mixed in mainly through granite countertops, backsplashes and flooring. This is a good way to use a color trend in a remodel. Once the color becomes outdated, another upgrade is doable at minimal costs. But read on to learn more about what made our Top Tampa Kitchen Remodels so great – Choice Kitchen and Bath.


Large islands outfitted with bold Granite countertops were popular among most of our Tampa bay customers. In fact, every customer that got an island, wanted it to be as big as possible. It was a common request. Could you blame them? Kitchen islands are multi-functional features that make living easier. Putting in those large islands was a slam dunk for Top Tampa Kitchen Remodels by Choice Kitchen and Bath.

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TIP 1 – How Big Should Your Kitchen Island Be?

How big is too big? To find the right size island for your kitchen, factor in no less than a 3-foot clearance on each side. This makes the traffic flow comfortable.  The average size of a kitchen island is about 3 x 6 feet. However, a 5-foot island also offers substantial space to be enjoyed. As among the best Contractors in Tampa, we make sure all customers get spaces that fit both their needs and their desired lifestyle.


It’s no surprise that shaker style kitchen cabinets also remained a favorite. One reason they were – and still are – so popular is their versatility. They look good with numerous design-styles. So whether you want a farm-house kitchen or a transitional kitchen or even a semi-modern kitchen, the shaker-style cabinet can work for you. Best of all, they are super easy to clean! Another reason they belong in Top Tampa Kitchen Remodels.

The bar style cabinet pulls were the number one pick. However, our customers chose a wide variety of finishes.  We installed brushed nickel, polished copper, chrome and bronzed tone hardware. The great thing about hardware finishes is they can easily be changed if you change your mind.

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TIP 2 – How Big Should Your Cabinet Pull Be?

How do you know what size cabinet pull to buy? The answer is more about the ‘look’ and the ‘feel’. You just have to eyeball it. When it looks right, then it’s right. When you can grip it easily, and it feels right, then its right. Cabinet pulls can blend in or make a statement. It’s an aesthetic choice that has no real right or wrong to it.

That wraps 2 highlights and 2 tips on our 2018 Top Tampa Kitchen Remodels. We’ll share more in the next article. But it’s not hard to see that we love what we do, which is one reason why we rank as among the Best Contractor in Tampa.

Isn’t it about time you had your Top Tampa Kitchen Remodel story? Give us a call today or contact us HERE to schedule your free in-home consultation.


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