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No matter what kind of space you want to create, we will make sure your vision is both beautiful and functional. CKB will work with you to create a detailed design, help you choose materials, ensure quality work and a perfectly polished space. Below we detail different strategies for a variety of residential projects:

Building a Home

A new home construction is an exciting project. Working with CKB, you will see your personal preferences come to life and incorporate your needs to make your home both beautiful and functional the way you need it to be.

Home Renovations, Additions, or Conversions

As home owners, your preferences evolve over time for a variety of reasons. CKB works with you to create or convert space in your home. This includes expanding, remodeling and customizing.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

At CKB, we specialize in bathroom and kitchen design. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most central parts of every home. We work to unlock and enhance the value of your space by expanding, remodeling or building additions.

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