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Create an ideabook and we’ll build it! Use these fun tools for new and fun ideas for your home project! If you haven’t already tried Houzz or Pinterest for new remodeling ideas, start using them today!




Houzz is a great online resource where remodelers, landscapers, designers and DIY junkies post pictures of projects from all over the internet – as well as from their own projects. More than likely, every project on your honey-do list has been done before, with style, and an example can be found posted to Houzz.

Search bathroom remodeling, get idea’s for a new walk-in closet, or expand your living space with a new design & build addition. Talk about inspiration, idea’s are everywhere for that stalled out project you’ve been meaning to get done!



Today’s Ideabooks












Pinterest is another wildly popular social media site that’s been around for some time. While not as “house centric” as Houzz, Pinterest is still a great place to gather ideas for design, decorating and remodeling projects.

Pinterest allows users to “pin” images from nearly any website to a “board” (think pin board). That board can be categorized, tagged and then shared with others. And it’s not just limited to – you can pin images from any website, anywhere in the world! On the down-side, Pinterest is very broad. Searches are harder to narrow down to just your house project or bathroom idea vs Houzz. But, if it works for you, use it and share your board with us!



Possibly the hardest part of adding an addition or remodeling a space is understanding the layout. Spaces can be deceiving and “thinking outside the box” can prove to be a difficult task, especially when you are replacing already existing items in the space. Here are some fun tools you can use to envision the space you are re-creating with some out-of-the-box ideas!

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