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How to Design Space

Did you know that we offer design services? It can be as simple as helping a customer recreate their flow to as complex as creating renderings to work from. Either way we help our customers understand How to Design Space.

The way you live in your space is what makes you crave a home remodel. You live in and daily you see what would work better. If only you could remove this wall, or enlarge this doorway. If only you could open up the kitchen into the living area. Well you can!

Read on to better understand How to Design Space, and how we help our customers do just that.

How to Design Space – BY FLOW

There are a few key rules you need to know. For an island in the kitchen, you want at least 36 inches of free space all around it. This means everyone can easily move around the island without being jammed up. It also means you can still open the fridge door or the washing machine door. best contractor in TampaIf your space is tight, consider using backless stools that can tuck under the island to keep your space free and clear.¬†For a main walkway, you really need 42 inches. This makes high traffic spaces work better. You can use the 36 inch rule if you have to, but it won’t be quite as comfortable.

A water closet (toilet room) requires 4 feet wide for accessibility. Without accessibility the minimum is 36 inches. This gives enough space to easily get in and out while opening and closing the door.

If you are tight on space, consider using a pocket door and you will need less spbathroom remodelace. If the toilet is not contained in a room, then you only need a 30 inch span across. This is How to Design Space.

These are the details we like to talk to our customers about and it is what makes us rank as among the best Contractors in Tampa.

How to Design Space – BY AESTHETIC

Aesthetic means the beauty, the look. What is your aesthetic? This drives the style of your remodel project. Once you nail it down it’s easy from there to pull all the pieces together. Transitional styles are mostly popular today. It’s a custom mix of modern and custom, resulting in warm and relaxing rooms.

In this next picture you will see a mix of modern and contemporary elements. The simplicity of the marble island countertop with glass pendant lights add a modern twist to the contemporary shaker style kitchen cabinets. Black subway tile for the backsplash adds pop. The tile flooring that looks like wood adds warmth with easy maintenance.

There is no hard and fast rules for styles. It is common to mix it up and customize the end result to suit your taste best. When you open the door, you want it to compel you inside, to make you relax and feel at home. That is design style at its best.

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As among the best Contractors in Tampa, these are details we like to make sure our customers know.

How to Design Space – BY USE

Creating more storage in the bathroom has become a hot topic. Many of customers want more cabinets in the bathroom. One popular way to get more cabinets is by using the countertop pantry. It removes the clutter while keeping everything at arms length. Another way to declutter the bathroom counter is to put a shallow shelf at the bottom of the mirror. Just make sure it clears the sink faucets. This is How to Design Space.

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Todays trends means more windows. But they are expensive. So many homeowners opt to put in more natural lighting in their home. It is more affordable and gets the job done. LED lights are more natural. In the bathroom the trend is to add lights over the shower, have a main overhead bathroom light and then add placement lights as well. Placement lights can best used over vanity sinks or under cabinets for night lite features.

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