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Must See Shower – Best Contractor Talks

We have done it again! We have made another happy customer in Tampa with another great bathroom remodel. Wanna see? Well, you can scroll through to see our Must See Shower, or click on the video link below to see it in moving parts.

The Elements of a Must See Shower are listed below. But if you want to see the video of this top Tampa Bathroom remodel – just click HERE.

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Element #1 – Space

A large shower means you can put more into it. In this case we outfitted the shower with 3 different paths to being refreshed. One is the LED overhead rain shower. Another is the jets to catch all the knots. And lastly, is the hand held or mounted option. Giving the homeowners all the options they could want makes this a Must See Shower. And it’s also what makes us rank among Tampa’s Best Contractors.

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Element #2 – Sit or Stand

Got to have the built-in custom seat. This means the shower seat fits the space. It won’t be in the way or take up too much space. Custom also means comfortable. And because it is tiled, it looks seamless, meaning it was meant to be there. It won’t look like an after thought cotched in. But most of all, it means shaving, getting off your feet or bathing your furry friends is just plain easier.

Element #3 – Natural Light

For this Top Tampa bathroom remodel, we actually reduced the window. It was so large it compromised any sense of privacy. We raised it and reduced it. Result: privacy with lots of natural light. These are the details that Top Remodeling Contractors like us take care of to make their customers happy.

Element #$ – Shower Enclosure

It just can’t be ordinary anymore. But it doesn’t have to be frameless anymore either. In fact, framing the enclosure is coming back in a big way – literally. Here we used oil rubbed bronze finish for the shower enclosure frame. It makes the shower pop with a more modern-man feel. It’s just stunning – definitely making the Must See Shower list.

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Check out these before pictures of the bathroom before we started the remodel.

best contractor in Brandon

This is what a lot of Tampa Bay homes look like. Old and outdated. In fact, most homes listed for sale in Tampa do not have updated bathrooms and kitchens. This means updating them gives you an edge in the market.

best contractor in tampa


Homes with updated bathrooms and kitchens sell much faster than the competition. And of course, it sells for more because of the added value it brings.



Isn’t it about time you called us! Isn’t it about time you had your CKB remodel story! Give us a call today or contact us HERE to schedule your free in-home consultation.


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