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Moody House

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This beautiful South Tampa home is anything but moody with the upgrades done in the Master, Guest bathroom and Kitchen Pantry. Top Remodeling Contractor, Choice Kitchen and Bath, used top bathroom trends to create a more modern space, along with a modern bathroom.

The Master tub was removed and replaced with a multi-layered tile design shower to boast an elegant finish. The wall-mounted vanity is complemented with large subway tiles, creating a simple, clean look. The white makes this sizable modern bathroom look even larger. Pendant mirrors and lighting added for functionality and design.

The Guest bathroom’s design in almost identical, but is distinguished by a tall backsplash of beautiful glass tiles drawing the eye upwards to the decorative mirrors and light features. Carrying the tile to the ceiling makes the space feel larger than life. A design trick used by top remodeling contractors in Tampa, like Choice Kitchen and Bath.

Apart from the modern bathroom makeovers, a featured Bar was created in what was once the kitchen pantry. Outfitted with mirrors, a wine cooler and cabinets, this cozy but snazzy space welcomes anyone to concoct a tasty drink of choice!


Moody House

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